Quail eggs and a tiny success

My biggest vision for this week was a perfect circle on another. a few months ago i was talking to my uncle on the phone,  after talking about the non important stuff on our lives (work, love, money..) he suggested me the most beautiful thing for this blog. cracking a quail egg on a light bulb. brilliant. “i’ll call some chef in your country and i’ll ask him to order a few.” he’s a food person, just abroad. Time has passed, summer, winter. life. i moved on. two days ago went to the grocery store. by the milk section, i see twelve quail eggs , sitting inside a plastic pack, waiting. “cannot believe it! ” i said too loud for a supermarket. a few minutes later they were mine.

  Two days the eggs were waiting in my fridge. this time, for being cracked nicely. this morning i felt it’s the right time, it took me a while to come up with the right light bulb. and eventually i don’t think i did. Now, i’ll let the images to do the talking. writing.


chosen lamp

getting ready


that’s where i realized it’s not as easy as it seems.

my own conclusions:

1. a light bulb is hot enough for an omelet

2. if you plan to do the same, make sure you’ve got something to clean up with.

3. next time, i’ll need a bigger light bulb.

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