Quail eggs and a tiny success

My biggest vision for this week was a perfect circle on another. a few months ago i was talking to my uncle on the phone,  after talking about the non important stuff on our lives (work, love, money..) he suggested me the most beautiful thing for this blog. cracking a quail egg on a light bulb. brilliant. “i’ll call some chef in your country and i’ll ask him to order a few.” he’s a food person, just abroad. Time has passed, summer, winter. life. i moved on. two days ago went to the grocery store. by the milk section, i see twelve quail eggs , sitting inside a plastic pack, waiting. “cannot believe it! ” i said too loud for a supermarket. a few minutes later they were mine.

  Two days the eggs were waiting in my fridge. this time, for being cracked nicely. this morning i felt it’s the right time, it took me a while to come up with the right light bulb. and eventually i don’t think i did. Now, i’ll let the images to do the talking. writing.


chosen lamp

getting ready


that’s where i realized it’s not as easy as it seems.

my own conclusions:

1. a light bulb is hot enough for an omelet

2. if you plan to do the same, make sure you’ve got something to clean up with.

3. next time, i’ll need a bigger light bulb.

My own pet dragon

My boyfriend and i are over . What can one do, sometimes love is not enough. But love stories and broken hurts is not the main subject in this post. Eggcracking is, of course, so much more importent.
Went through old photos on my phone, and found one of the best eggcracking i ever Saw.
That’s the burst of a baby dragon on ‘Dragon Vale’.
The guy i used to love owned many dragons on his iphone. The most special dragon you can get, Is rainbow. In that photo he finally got it. Yes.

After the brake up, i deleted the game, and all of my dragons were gone. Win some lose some.


Egg lunch and a lion

This is not the time to lose our hopes. a hot summer day like that, my young brother was getting hungry. he started telling me about the crazy dream he had last night , where according to him, someone left a man’s foot by our front door, and a lion was chasing him around the block. he woke up when the lion was reaching for his ear to tell him about the true meaning of life. shit.

The reason my brother says i’m the worst listener is that while he was telling about the dream , i was going outside to the garden wasting another egg, trying to crack it . the only problem is that my lovely egg slip and left just a wet stain. shit again.

Never lose hope.

Summer is here

When we talk about summer we tend to use phrases like “summer is on it’s way”.

but actually time goes by and summer just appears without walking towards us.

Rainy days are over for the next few months in this hot and hectic country, my plans are cracking the next egg on a shelter structure like this. probably a good idea to have nice omelet in a place like that.

Get ready gray walls, for an egg.

Egg on the back


was a hottest day of the year in london town , apparently my dear friends decided to use it, of course, for egg cracking.
the back belongs to hayley.

egg never cooked, not such a surprise.
after a few times of egg cracking, i can say that it’s time to try something much hotter.

wish me luck.


wrong hour



my third try for a cooked egg is still no success.

hour was 17:30 pm , probably the reason the why the asphalt wasn’t hot enough.

egg was an L size.  we people put everything in sizes.